Keith Gallagher, RLP Moderator
Pastor of Bethel Presbyterian Church in Reading, Minnesota.

Several years ago a newer member of the Rivers and Lakes Presbytery commented that the meeting seemed like a spiritual retreat where church business was conducted. While I have never described our meetings as such, I know exactly what that person was articulating.

Like many in the EPC, I too am a recent transplant. When I was examined in the Mid-America Presbytery, I was asked to compare the EPC with the denomination I was leaving. My response: The EPC felt like home! Finally, I would be part of a denomination where God’s Word was held high, where adherence to biblical doctrine was not interpreted according to culture’s influences, where prayer covered all aspects of the meeting and where conservative views were not only accepted but expected. I felt at home.

If you are searching for the perfect presbytery, and the perfect denomination, then your search must continue. However, if your church family desires to work and serve along side other sinners saved by grace, where prayer is central in all of our activities, where Spirit-led expository sermons are the norm, where the fellowship is sweet and, yes, where some church business is conducted then come check us out. Your travel to our meetings might be longer, but what you find might be worth the trip.  Just like I found a little over 6 years ago, you too might find a place to call home.